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With the salty Nova Scotian breeze on his back, Myles Sexton’s adventure started in 2009 when he left his small town and chased after his love and curiosity for travel, beauty and fashion. Working as an international model and makeup artist for many years. This Fashion nomad’s personal style has been featured on the pages of Vogue Italia, Elle and Fashion Magazine and his celebrity clients have included Grace Jones, Maye Musk, Winnie Harlow, Nelly Furtado, Lights and Emily Hanes of Metric.

Myles’ work has allowed him to see parts of the world he never could have imagined.  Using all his social media outlets like digital postcards, he shares his adventures every step of the way from the jungles of Brazil to the historic architecture in London and Paris. Myles is always eager for another stamp in his passport but he never tires of exploring Canada’s diverse beauty from coast to coast.

I Walk for Myles in These Shoes is a platform to curate all the stories of his travels while bridging his love of fashion, creative expression and his deep-rooted connection with nature’s raw beauty.  Through this platform, Myles wants to celebrate creativity and positive mindsets with his readers and inspire them to follow their dreams.


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