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Vacation Beauty Finds


I brought some new products with me to test out during my recent trip to Mexico. I feel like a vacation is the perfect time to try something new because you have no added pressure like rushing to get ready for work. It's also the perfect time to have a little treat yourself moment and practice some self love. Here are some of the products that I totally fell in love with.


Ole Henriksen

Face the Truth Gel Cleanser

Not only does this cleanser smell AMAZING, it takes off my long wear foundation so effortlessly. I hate when cleansers leave my skin feeling really dry and most hydrating cleansers can't remove my full coverage foundation. This cleanser is the best of both worlds and you only need a pea sized amount to cleanse your entire face (and beard in my case).


Living Proof

- No Frizz Collection -

Nourishing Oil - Humidity Shield - Instant De-Frizzer

Honestly, as soon as I landed I was so thankful that I had packed all these No Frizz products. It was so damn humid in Mexico and my hair was ready to turn into some kind of Chia Pet. These three products seriously saved my hair from being a disaster the entire trip. The lightweight, non greasy and nourishing oil kept my hair from getting dry the entire trip, it also has a locking pump which is a life saver if you travel as much as I do and don't want a mess all over your makeup bag. The Humidity Shield and Instant De-Frizzer also come in travel size which is so convenient for packing. I was very surprised by both their light textures, they did not dehydrate my hair and really stopped it from getting frizzy. I was very impressed.


Jack Black

Intense Therapy Hand Cream

When I am swimming in the ocean, a cenote or pool my hands get super dry, I told myself this trip that I couldn't two-finger dip into my face cream and I needed to bring a hand cream. I was so impressed by this Intense Therapy Hand Cream, it's extremely hydrating but dries to a soft matte texture so you can actually function without having to wait for your hand cream to absorb. It also has a very mild fragrance to it which I can appreciate, I'm not into overly fragrant hand or body products as I feel they fight with my cologne.


Alterna Hair Care

- Caviar Resort Collection -

Sun Reflection Shine Spray - Breeze Air Dry Styling Balm - Sea Tousled Texture Spray

Having quite dry hair, I wanted to have that beach-y hair look during my trip without the damage. These Products are formulated with Omega 3 fatty acids, Proteins, minerals and Vitamins A,C & D which give a wonderful boost of hydration to my hair. I honestly felt like I was cheating the whole week with my beach-y waves but no one has to know I didn't just come from the ocean. I loved tossing in some Breeze Air Dry Styling Balm after the shower and then lightly spritzing in some of the Sea tousled Texture Spray and letting it air dry. After my hair was dry, I would add a little glow to my naturally dull looking hair with the Sun Reflection Shine Spray.

Have a new favorite product? Let me know in the comments below.

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