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Uncovering Nova Scotia

Updated: Oct 23, 2018


I have been so lucky this year with the amount that I have been able to travel back home to Nova Scotia. What I have enjoyed most is uncovering hidden treasures that I didn't know existed in the place I called home for so many years. During this trip I really challenged myself to try and explore as much as possible and I am so glad that I did. Here are three places that showed me the vast range of beauty in this province.

Cape Split - Kings County

Located in Scots Bay, Kings County this hike is an all-day adventure. As you make your way through thick forest you will come across so many beautiful species of plants and wildlife, so keep your eyes open. Once you reach the cliffs you honestly feel transported to the coastline of Ireland. This grand coastal point towers over the ocean below as the Bay of Fundy tide rushes by. Be sure to pack a picnic and lay in the tall grass or cliffside and enjoy the scent of the ocean breeze and fir trees.





Blue Rocks - Lunenburg County

I must admit this is not my first time visiting this magical spot as it’s a spot I would frequently visit as a child with my grandparents. It has always held so many memories for me and how I would be so hypnotized by the vibrant yellow seaweed. Be sure to visit this place when the tide is out to fully experience its magic and comb the rocks for mermen and treasure.





Crystal Crescent Beach - Halifax County

Once you climb up the cliffs you totally understand how this spot got its name. The coastline is a stark white and the cliffs are filled with so many matching white crystals. You can easily get distracted by the beautiful white sand beach, but make sure you adventure down the trail further to see the hidden beauty of its coastline. I could have honestly sat for hours and just watched the massive waves crash on the rocks.






Do you have a favourite place to hike or explore in Nova Scotia? Let me know in the comments below.


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