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Thunder Bay - Ontario - Day 2

Day Two 

Shirt by 18 Waits & Hat by Coup De Tete

Kakabeka Falls

Let’s go chasing waterfalls was definitely the theme for my second day exploring Thunder Bay. Starting off with the Kakabeka Falls, which is often described as the ‘Niagara Falls of the North.’ I wish the park could find a way to create access to the gorge because the view from the top of the gals does not do its size any justice!



Silver Falls

The trek to this falls was quite the adventure. Not only is it super far down a very old dirty road but the signage for direction is not very clear at all. I got pretty lost after losing cell service was difficult trying to find the trailhead to this falls. Despite all the poor choice of words I may or may not have screamed I finally found the trailhead tucked behind a bush I was unable to see correctly from the view inside my car haha. The hike to the falls was a proper hike which I thoroughly enjoyed – I do not like when it is only a short 5-10 minute walk to a waterfall. After hiking through the woods until you reach the gorges cliff you need to scale down a section of it to reach the base of the river. Once you arrive at the top of the lower gorge you get such a stunning view of this giant waterfall that continues down through the gorge itself. I had the most magical afternoon enjoying the falls and even got to experience how the falls radiate during golden hour.

Shirt by 18 Waits, Hat by Coup De Tete, Boots by Ecco


Shirt by 18 Waits, Hat by Coup De Tete, Boots by Ecco

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