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The June Motel

Summer had been a bust so far and I was dying to get out of the city for some much needed rest, relaxation and lots of laughs! I called up my best friend Pietro and we packed the car up and set off to this very cute spot I found online named the June Motel.

Tucked cutely into Picton, Ontario The June Motel was love at first sight! As soon as you pull up the pink and white colour palette at the motel had me beaming with excitement. I could not wait to see the room in person as the photos I saw online looked so adorable! Serving all the fashion moments we made our way to the front desk where we were greeted by such warm and friendly staff. They sure know how to have a good time because she had our bubbly drinks in our hands before we could even finish saying hello! Talk about getting the party started – drink in hand before even getting the room key! Pietro sat among a beautifully curated lobby full of plants, books and tchotchkes as we sipped our delicious drinks. 


The excitement was building and building as we made our way to our room and when that pink door finally opened I started running around the space. The interior design was so fun, from the tropical palm wall paper to the beautiful corner wicker chair – I really wish my bedroom at home looks this gorgeous! We booked the Classic Room with the charcuterie board add on so as we unpacked we enjoyed the delicious local meats and cheeses from farms in the surrounding area. 

As the afternoon came upon us we explored around the motel. They have and incredible space fully submersed in nature just tucked behind the motel where they also provide yoga classes (I definitely need to take advantage of this during my next visit.) They also have a stunning view of the lake where we enjoyed watching the sunset at before heading into town for dinner. 

After dinner we raced back to the motel for ‘Movie Mondays’ where they were screening my ALL TIME favourite comedy ‘Mean Girls.’ As we sat by the fire we ate yummy popcorn and sipped locally made cream soda – it is to die for! Oh did I mention that the movie was outside on the patio? – It was such a blast. 

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The following morning we dressed in all black to mourn the fact we had to leave this amazing place! We had such a fun-filled stay and we both were NOT ready to go back to our normal lives in the city. Before we hit the road the hotel served us locally made chia seed puddings and cold pressed juices in bed for breakfast. I was happy that Pietro was not that hungry because after I inhaled mine I finished off his – haha. 


If you happen to need a break from the city or just a fun time away with your best friend(s) I highly suggest visiting The June Motel. Every moment of our stay was so much fun thanks to the incredible staff and all the small noticeable touches the motel offers that just makes you feel right at home!


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