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Tew's Falls, Ontario

Years ago a date once took me to Tews Falls located in Hamilton, Ontario and I had the most magical experience with Gaia. We hiked way out past the falls to Dundas Peek and watched the fog roll in over the tree tops. It was such a surreal moment when it began to rain but through the fog below us. I remember closing my eyes and feeling the wind and rain spin around me. Ever since that night, when we shared that magical moment, I returned a few times a year to discover new parts of the large conservation area.

Sweater by Scotch & Soda


Tews Falls stands at about 134 feet tall where a beautiful sight of water cascades the cliffs edge. The trail along the gorge is well maintained which makes it very easy to hike for anyone wanting to embark on a small adventure. For years I could not figure out how people were able to scale the cliff to the bottom of the falls but after three separate attempts I finally found the perfect route.

Jacket By Scotch & Soda


If you happen to visit you will note how lush the ecosystem is – the moss is thriving green. The sound of the river really calms the soul as you make your way towards the falls. You will also pass smaller run-offs and caves along the way which are definitely cool little spots to check out. Once you arrive at the base of the falls you can really grasp how grand and large Tews Falls stands. I had such an amazing time photographing it in the fall and winter months. Now that I know how to get into the gorge I really want to trek back and visit during the summer months where I can cool off riverside.


Thank you to Noah Ortega for taking my photos.

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