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Summer Beauty Finds

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

This summer I wanted to challenge myself to break outside of my regular beauty routine and test out some new products! Here are some favourites that I have discovered this summer.


With all the hiking I have been doing this summer, I have gotten quite the tan and I have put my skin through a lot. I have been obsessed with these skincare items to help keep my skin in top shape this summer.

Ole Henriken Truth Serum has become my ride or die to use day and night. Packed full of collagen yet light and fresh in texture, this serum keeps my skin so smooth and congestion-free. It also sits so beautifully under or mixed into my foundation.

Biotherm After Sun is probably one of the best after-sun products I have ever used. Most after-sun cremes have such a thick texture or are sticky after you apply them. This after-sun is a light, milky texture and instantly soothes my skin if I've been overexposed. It's also packed full of this GORGEOUS shimmer that looks stunning on the skin.

PS Don't forget that sunscreen is the easiest not-so-secret weapon to keeping your skin looking younger longer!


This summer I have been really inspired by a fresher, lighter coverage complexion look. Two of my favourite summer skin must haves are YSL Le Compact Encre de Peau & Urban Decay All Nighter waterproof powder.

I love the YSL compact because it just lightly blurs the skin and provides such a fresh coverage either alone or on top of liquid makeup. The formula almost melts into the skin instead of just sitting on top of it. Then to make sure you are always camera ready, I cant believe that even after taking a swim my makeup is still set into place using the UD All Nighter powder.


Who does not want a little extra glow and bronze during the summertime? I have been loving this Charlotte Tilbury Trio. I don't like to tan my face or neck so I cheat a little using the Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask. It does NOT have the horrible self tanner scent which is a huge thing for me. Many self tanners really go rancid on my oily skin. I love that I can easily put this on and it just tans and blends so nicely into my skin.

To finish my skin, I love adding a little soft diffused contour with the Hollywood Contour Wand. The sponge applicator really helps to softly melt this product into the skin and keep you from over-applying too much. I also love applying this before I put foundation on to get an even more natural sculpted look, I then add a soft highlight to the skin using little Beach Stick. I love adding a little bit of Moon Beach under my eyes before foundation to softly colour correct and brighten my dark circles and blur my textured skin.


This summer I experienced my first lip sunburn when hiking in Vancouver and the Bite Agave Lip Mask seriously saved my irritated lips. It worked so well, it basically healed my burn over night and it comes in so many flavours. I'm addicted to the new lavender flavour that just launched.

Finally, I have really been enjoying refreshing my skin after cleaning with the Rocky Mountain Soap Co Hydrating Aloe and Frankincense Toner. After a long day in the sun, it feels so cool and calming on my skin. I also love it on top of my daily foundation to moisturize if i'm looking a touch dehydrated. Another discovery I found within this line is their Energizing Face Scrub made from Bamboo. You can add this scrub right into any cleanser you already use to save time while washing your face to give an extra mild exfoliation at the same time. What I also adore is that Rocky Mountain Soap Co is a Canadian Company that is proud to formulate 100% natural products that are also toxin-free.

If you have any new products that you have fell in love with this summer let me know below!

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