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Squamish - B.C

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

At the end of October, I made my to Vancouver, BC for some work and decided to extend my trip so that I could see my friend David and do some hiking together. On that Friday we packed his car and drove to the cutest little town called Squamish. Last year when David and I were together we drove through Squamish to head up to this cabin, and I remember being like " David what is that mountain?" to which he replied was called The Cheif. I was so mesmerized by this mountain because it almost glimmered shades of white and looked like it was watercolored in delicate strokes of soft gray. I later found out when I researched the mountain that it is the largest granite monoliths in North America so that would explain its stunning coloring.  

Before checking into our Airbnb we made a quick stop to Shannon Falls which is actually located very close to The Cheif. I don't think David and I were ready for the cold shower we got from the falls as we made our way as close as we could to it!  After snapping a few cute wet moment photos we hurried to check into our adorable Airbnb and get some good rest before our big hike the next day. 

That Morning before our hike we needed some jet fuel and I found this really cool restaurant called Fergies which we stopped into and took a walk around the property while we waited for our table. Yes, the entire time I had Fergie's top hits stuck in my head but that did not take away how delicious the eggs benny was. Now with full tummies, we got in the car and made our way to The Cheif. 

Let me tell you, I hike a lot but I don't think I was prepared for this type of uphill hiking. We don't really have any mountains in Ontario, basically walking up a 90-degree angle my butty didn't know what hit it 30 minutes in haha. Despite being quite the workout I felt so energized and when we got to the top, let me tell you that view was the definition of taking your breath away. It was pretty crazy to be so high up that you could watch the clouds rain below you I don't think I've ever witnessed something quite like that before. Getting down was much harder than going up the mountain at some points as the rain set in the granite got so slippery. I would not suggest this hike if you are looking for a casual nature walk because this hike really puts your body to the test. 

I am still daydreaming about Squamish and all its beauty and hope I can go back again soon and explore some more. 

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