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Sleeping in a Floating Wine Barrel


I might not drink wine but I had been waiting all summer to stay are this really unique Airbnb that hosts you within a floating wine barrel. Almost a year ago I connected with a fellow  fashion nomad like myself and she told me about this incredible spot. I had to wait almost a year to finally get to stay at this floating panoramic wine barrel and let me tell you it was worth the wait. 



I invited my best friend Krista along to join in on the adventure this summer and we packed out bags and made our way to Essex, Ontario for this experience. Once we arrived we let out many excited sounds because the wine barrels are actually on this super cute little lake  covered in giant lily pads behind a huge grape orchard. The area was so beautifully designed for our stay with so many beautiful touches like the outdoor shower, and row boat for you to take out on the lake. The power to the Airbnb is also fueled by solar energy which is so awesome and they have a back up generator just in case its a cloudy day. 


After we unpacked we made out way to a beach that is maybe 10 min down the road to soak up some sun and do some paddle boarding. We finished our evening on a Lavender Farm for dinner called Bistro 42 which was I think one of the best meals I've ever had. We got a selection of local cheese, meats and honey which my mouth is watering again just writing about it. We paired that with a fresh beat salad and salmon, we basically had to carry each other out of that restaurant after haha. 


After dinner we returned to our Airbnb and watched the sunset from the paddle boat on the lake, the colours where just stunning. As the sun disappeared the field across the lake lit up with the sparkle of fireflies. The hosts provided us a cute little fire put and supplies for a perfect camp fire evening as we gazed up at the stars in-between eating smores. 



If you ever find your way in Essex, I would highly suggest checking out this amazing spot for a really unique experience you will never forget. 


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