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Scarborough Bluffs

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Photos by Ian Field

Two years ago was the first time I explored the delicate beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs. Now some time later, I find myself standing at the base gazing up and noticing how different they look. Made up mostly of delicate white sand, after every rain the bluffs change their shape as they slowly erode away. I was very excited to take my friend and photographer Ian to see it together for the first time and together we captured some magic. TTC has recently started offering a bus that can take you to the bluffs, so this is a great little summer day trip.

Skirt by Evan Biddell


Just around the corner from the Scarborough Bluffs you will also find the Cathedral Bluffs. Despite being such a short distance from each other, both bluffs have their own unique characteristics. As you look out from the bluff's edge, there is a beautiful view of Lake Ontario.




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