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Sanctuary In the County


With my car packed to the roof with suitcases, and camera gear one of my best friends, Pietro and I said goodbye to Toronto and started making our way to Prince Edward County for a getaway from the city and some quality time with each other. We were so excited to spend two nights together in Wellington Ontario, a quaint little town outside of Toronto where a very unique Airbnb awaited us.  

Pants by COS

While day dreaming in my spare time, I love to look for unique and beautiful places to rent on AirBnB for weekend getaways like this. When I came across Sanctuary in the County and the stunning pictures of this beautiful property, I knew I had to find a way to spend some time here.

The Sanctuary is a unique space because the place built from a restored Church.

Walking into this beautiful space, my whole body filled with goosebumps from the beautiful decor and streams of natural light coming through the tall church windows. I couldn’t wait to start a few days of rest and relaxation before a busy work week.

Outfit by COS

Outfit by COS

As you make your way around the space you see elements that were the back bone of a church but restored with super chic elements to give it a true sanctuary feel. I did not know which area I wanted to relax in first. I had so many choices from the hammock, giant bathtub, or by the fire place. The paint was a calming white and every corner was filled with big beautiful plants; I knew we were in for a treat!

Sweater by COS


Though we never felt the need to leave the Sanctuary because it really had everything we needed, the host Tara provided us with great suggestions for food, entertainment and outdoor activities in the area. I love visiting places like Wellington and finding local restaurants and businesses to visit and support. We had some amazing food during our trip, but my favourites were Brunch at Enid Grace Café and our dinner at Agarian Bistro. Both places were so delicious and had such friendly and lovely staff!.


After two beautiful days of relaxation, reading and bonding moments with my best friend we had to say goodbye to this incredible space. I left this magical place feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on the busy week ahead of me. Sometimes we need to find ways to treat ourselves, even if our lives are super busy and time seems to be limited which is why I love finding local places like this that allow me to escape the city and rejuvenate to take on my next challenge.

Top by COS

If you have a few days to get away from the city and are looking for a Sanctuary to escape to with your best friend or romantic partner, this is the perfect place for you! I’ve included all details below and if you go, make sure you tell Tara, I sent you.

Hat by Coup De Tete

Thanks to our Super Host, Tara, for having us and allowing us to make some beautiful memories together here. 


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