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Road Trip To Elora, Ontario

Updated: Sep 29, 2018


Two years ago, I discovered the quaint little town of Elora and I have returned multiple times a year ever since. Elora is a quick hour and a half drive from Toronto. Despite being a small town, it has so many great restaurants and exciting outdoor activities. I would highly suggest making plans to travel there over the next few months and fall in love just like I have.





One of my favourite parts of Elora is the limestone quarry that will leave you nothing short of inspired. Filled with its magical green water, I love pitching a spot on the cliff side and cooling off during a summer afternoon. If you have a brave heart you can also explore the limestone cave and jump from the high cliffs into the water below. There is even a small beach area where you can take your kids to or work on your tan.

Shirt by 18 Waits


Hat by Coup De Tete


After you have cooled off in the quarry, you can grab a delicious vegan smoothie or a healthy snack at this cute local cafe called VEdge. If they have their homemade chilli  available that day, I would highly recommend getting a bowl.  If I wasn't working on my summer body, I would have gotten a second serving!


Now that you are energized, are you up for another adventure? Just a short walk away, head on over to Victoria Park and take in the sight of Lovers’ Leap look-out and enjoy a fantastic view of the rivers below.  The story behind the name of Lovers’ Leap comes from a tale of an Attawandaron maiden. The story goes that after hearing of the death of her love in battle against the Iroquois in Burlington Bay, she threw herself from the cliffs into the Irvine River below.  You can make your way down to the bottom of the river by a staircase that takes you to the bottom of the cliffs. Make sure you explore the banks and see if you can find some small caves or wildlife. Maybe you are looking for a little adrenaline fix?  Victoria Park also offers zip-lining and rock climbing classes.



Another of my favourite things to do in Elora is grabbing a bite to eat at the Elora Brewing company. You can try all their refreshing in-house brewed beers and even take a bottle or two home with you on your way out. I’m sure you will find something comforting on the menu from their great selection of cozy meals paired with homemade condiments. This trip, I tried their black bean wild rice veggie burger and it was delicious.   



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