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Rediscovering Montreal, Quebec

Updated: Sep 30, 2018


I don't think I will ever forget the first time my 18 year old self packed up a friend’s Mustang and road-tripped all the way to Montreal, Quebec to celebrate my birthday. The lights zipped on my skin as I drove through the underground tunnel and I was hypnotized by the beauty emerging on the other side revealing Montreal. More than anywhere else I've visited in Canada, Montreal has a European quality which brings me back to my days stomping the catwalks in Paris. You can not help but feel inspired by your surroundings as the Parisian influence can been seen all around from the architecture to the fashion and culture.


Last week, I visited Montreal for business as well as pleasure and I wanted to share the experience with you.


I always get excited to arrive at my current favourite Montreal hotel, the Sofitel. From the moment you step into the lobby, you can feel the stresses of travel leaving your body. The concierges are so helpful, as soon as your taxi pulls up they automatically open your door and take your bags. I always feel like I'm some kind of celebrity when I arrive. The front desk staff are so helpful and eager to do whatever they possibly can to make your stay as relaxing as possible. I love that they also offer you a fresh apple at the from desk in case you need a healthy snack.


I can get pretty picky when it comes to rooms because I like a BIG BED with lots of pillows that vary in texture as well as a chic washroom with a bathtub I can soak in. The Sofitel has all of these amenities and more. I'm also a huge fan of the cosmetic brand Les Notes de Lanvin they provide their guests and the fact that your room comes equipped with Q Tips, cotton pads, and a nail file is such a nice touch. They also provide an in room yoga mat which comes in handy for my morning sun salutations. At night you will also be delighted by the turn down service when you return to your room after a long day. Lastly, the hotel restaurant does not have a bad dish on the menu. Despite the wide amount of dishes they offer, their french fries are next level and I find myself ordering them every time, haha.



Whenever I am in Montreal, I love to take time for myself and let my mind take in the beauty of Old Port. I love finding new streets that I've yet to walk down, admiring the history in each cobblestone of the sidewalk. Old Montreal comes alive at night as it is illuminated with its many breathtaking light installations. Each visit to this district brings me back to the boutique of my favorite Canadian designer, Denis Gagnon. Gagnon’s editorial, genderless designs are the perfect staple pieces for my wardrobe. It's hard for me to not want to buy every piece he designs season after season. It's also super rare and charming to go to a designer boutique and have the owner present and giving you styling suggestions of his own designs. I think it's such a beautiful touch he gives to his clients.


On this last trip to Old Port, a vivid green café called Le Petit Dep caught my eye. Green is my favorite color, so naturally I had to go inside to discover what treasures it held. When I entered the café, I noticed immediately that Le Petit Dep was an instagram dream. Beautiful old Victorian decor paired with modern marble tables, delicious homemade pastries, a candy bar and even my signature drink of matcha green tea with almond milk. I was in love with this place, I wish I didn't eat such a big breakfast that day as I wanted to try more from their menu. I highly suggest this adorable café to anyone visiting Montreal.


If you have any suggestions of places I should visit next time I’m in Montreal let know in a comment below.

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