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Queen's Plate - Woodbine Racetrack

Suit: Scotch & Soda Hat: Coup De Tete

A few months prior I was asked to model in the style guide for the Woodbine Race Track Queens Plate Event. I was so excited because I have a mild obsession with hats and headpieces so this was my kinda event! After the photo/video shoot I did they invited me to attend the event coming up in June.


Suit: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Ecco, Hat: Coup De Tete

I was so excited leading up to the event to plan my look and what I was going to wear! I just love all the dapper style that men wear at these types of event and I was looking forward to giving it a Myles Sexton Interpretation. Creating a look for these types of events honestly gets my creative juices flowing so much and the process really fills my cup. I decided to wear a beautiful suit by Scotch and Soda and pair it with a Coup De Tete hat that I embellished with lavender. To finish the look to wore a pair of Ecco Dress shoes in … style which I need to note are the most comfortable and stylish mens dress shoes EVER. 




Woodbine was kinda enough to send Pietro my guest and I a limo and we made out way to the event not knowing what to expect. Upon arrived we where greeted by their lovely staff and before we knew it we where enjoying all that the VIP area had to offer. I must note that the seafood bar was on the my highlights of this area.



As the races where starting shortly we made our way to the track to get a better view. I loved walking through the chipper crowds of people. It was so inspiring seeing all the incredible outfits topped with giant facinators. It was my first time even attending a horse race so I really didn’t know what to expect but we got so into it. We joined a group of other spectators and started competing with each other on who’s betting horse would win. Honestly it was so a blast that our day flew by and before we knew it the event was coming to a close. I can not wait until next year I must attend again.


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