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My First Time At The Barbers

Updated: Sep 30, 2018


When I was around 23 it seemed like magic when a full beard grew in, seemingly overnight. One minute I was a bleached brow, baby-faced alien and the next I could have been cast on the hit show Vikings. I never expected that I would be able to grow such a full beard in my life but I guess it makes sense when you look at MR Sexton aka my father with his epically full mustache. At the time I was not ready to let go of my genderless persona, but after almost a year of my pores bleeding from shaving too much for gigs, I decided to embrace the new look that genetics had decided to give me. It was exciting to play even further with gender expression and how to find a balance with a beard when it is considered so hypermasculine in many people’s eyes. Since embracing my beard, I have had to learn how to trim this wild forest and it's been a struggle. I was so excited when Barber & Co reached out to give some love and pointers to myself & my beard.


I stopped into their Ossington location here in Toronto and sat down with barber Craig. I was very excited for him to give my beard some grooming as I can’t seem to stay on top of trimming since I started taking hair growth supplements. I was immediately taken by the ambience of the shop, It has a modern yet classic neighborhood feel that is unapologetically itself. To add to the experience, the back of the barber shop is equipped with a stylish cocktail den.


I watched as barber Craig transformed the pomeranian on my face into a sleek pointed fox. I loved the way he used a comb and a small hand-held trimmer to pull my beard hairs forward and achieve a uniform trim. At home I always hack away at my beard without a comb and end up with holes, I didn’t realize that a technique existed to ensure such precise results.


Barber & Co also have their own beautiful line of grooming products which includes beard oils, aftershaves, and beard balms. I have a very wavy beard texture and always find that my beard goes puffy during the day. Barber Craig suggested that instead of using beard oil to style and hydrate my beard, I should try a beard balm (which I have never tried before). I always assumed that beard balms were not as conditioning as the oils. My beard also gets extremely dry and flakey in the winter, I loved the way Barber & Co’s beard balm hydrated the skin under my beard with natural shea butter, argan, grape seed and jojoba oil. I also noticed this product gave a smoothing hold to my beard without feeling like I had product in it. You all know from my social media that smells are important to me and I really love how natural the aromas of all the Barber & Co products are. With hints of sage, black pepper, and lavender flower you will not smell like your grandfather but something more modernly sexy.


If you live in Toronto or Vancouver be sure to stop by a Barber & Co to try many of the services they offer. All of their products are also available on their website if you want to check them out. Thank you Barber & Co for the wonderful experience at your shop and for all the extra attention I've been getting since I left rocking my newly sculpted beard.



Barber Craig


Photos by Julian Ross

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