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My Favourite Eye Creams

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

As a makeup artist, I truly believe that makeup can only look as good as the skin underneath. Skincare is super important when it comes not only to prepping the skin before makeup application but also in helping to keep its youthful appearance for as long as possible. One of my biggest problem areas are my under eyes. The older I get, the more fine lines seem to appear and I'm constantly at war with signs of fatigue. I have put together some of my favourite eye products that I rotate between depending on my daily concerns.


Ole Henriksen - Banana Bright Eye Creme $48.00

Do Monday mornings not come gracefully? Banana Bright hands down is my favourite dark circle eye cream. As soon as I apply it, my eyes no longer look tired and foundation sits BEAUTIFULLY on top of it. I have never used such a fast-acting anti dark circle eye cream that shows me results so quickly. It also has anti-aging benefits as an added bonus.


Skinceuticals - AOX+ $90.00

Not only does this eye cream help with signs of fatigue, I have been so impressed with the way it plumps and refines the texture under my eyes. I have a natural expression line which NO MAKEUP ever wants to live on top of. I’ve been using this eye cream for a few months now and have been so impressed with the refined results under my eyes.


House 99 - Truly Brighter Eye Balm - $30.00

Eyes feeling parched? David Beckham has you covered. I love how hydrating this House 99 eye balm is, especially if I have been hiking all day and have gotten a bit of sun. Despite being a thicker eye cream, I find it does not congest the eye area if you are prone to milia.


This Works - No More Tired Eyes - £42.00

First off, this eye cream smells incredible if you like the soothing smell of lavender. It’s so nice falling asleep to the scent of this product. It is so calming around me eyes after a long day of long-wear makeup and looking at way too many screens.


Lancome - Advanced Genifique Yuex Light Pearl - $89.00

When I am suffering from the effects of treat day and have indulged in way too much salt the night before, Genifique Light Pearl really tackles puffiness in a flash. As you massage the cold stainless steel pearl around your eyes, you can watch as your puffy eyes start reducing in size. I love layering this day and night under any eye cream to help boost the results of the eye cream.

Whats your favourite eye cream product let me know in the comments below!


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