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Mayer Man FW 18

Photography by Pietro Pantanella

It was just over a year ago I found myself getting lost in the world of Instagram when I stumbled across a post of three beautiful tailored jackets hung in a row. The impeccable designs instantly caught my eye and I could not resist sending the designer a DM. Back and forth with a few messages and before I knew it we were talking all things fabulous and fashion over sushi. I learned that he also has a very successful women’s wear label that he has been designing for the last 25 years. This brought me to my second question – ‘Why menswear now?’


"I think one of the major contributing factors that lead me to creating my men’s collection was the lack of options out there. In a world dominated by fast fashion that lacked quality and ethics I found there to be a real lack of unique well-made pieces that had a genuine point of view and had the quality to stand the test of time." 


Getting to know Ross Mayer has been such a pleasure. His strong vision for design is so very inspiring and it is paired with the kindest heart that drives him. It is always very exciting when we are able to feed off each other’s creativity and also build a new story with his designs together. Recently on a cold November day we hit the streets of Toronto and served them some Mayer Man FW 2018.

"Designing my men's collection has turned into a labor of love where I find myself creating all the pieces I wish I could have found but never could; pieces that were classic enough to last while infused with a real sense of fashion and excitement that made them stand out."
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