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Making My Own Customized Lipsticks

Updated: Sep 30, 2018


Can you believe that in a lifetime an average person eats about 7 pounds of lipstick? With the rise of cosmetic brands taking an interest in more natural alternatives for their cosmetics, I think it's important to celebrate conscious brands that are making a big swatch in the cosmetic industry. Put your lips together and let me introduce you to Canadian cosmetic brand Bite Beauty.


Bite Beauty was founded in Toronto, Canada and to this day each lipstick is hand made here. What I love about their lipstick formulas is that they use food grade ingredients full of antioxidants that look so delicious you could eat them. They are also full of edible paraben-free essential oils and flavored with freshly pressed fruit.

Recently, while in San Francisco on business, I stopped into the Bite Lip Lab and had a very special experience called The Bespoke Lipstick Service. With this service, you get to create any two lipsticks shades that you can imagine. Not only do you get to mix pigments together, you also get to choose the finish, coverage and scent of your lipstick. I can't tell you how excited I was to do this.


The entire process was so much fun. I always have the hardest time finding the perfect nude that is not too brown and not too orange. After many trials of mixing pigments and testing it on my lips after every step, we created THE PERFECT NUDE. It was so cool to watch the pigments be measured right in front of me during the process. I then got to select my finish, I chose matte and full coverage. Finally I selected a delicious lime scent and watched as it all was hand crafted into my beautiful, perfect lipstick. As a makeup artist, I am typically all about the eyes but because this experience was personalized it really made me fall back in love with my lips. I highly recommend everyone to experience this service and can promise you will not be disappointed.

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