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Loco One SS 18 Collection

Updated: Sep 29, 2018


Better late than never is how designer Chris Barrera describes his dream to become a fashion designer at 36. I could not agree more with that quote, many of us spend so much of our lives chasing someone else's dream instead of our own. What Chris proves is that age does not define when we start chasing a dream and I applaud him for that! A dream does not expire, it is just waiting for you to face yourself and move past the fear of taking the first steps onto the path of a new adventure.

I recently came across Chris’ collection showcased at the most recent season of Fashion Art Toronto. His futuristic asymmetrical silhouettes immediately caught my eye as I was swiping up one night on instagram. From the makeup right down to the footwear his collection told a story that I needed to read more about and share with all of you.


Originating in Mexico, but now based in Toronto, Loco One is a clothing line where your gender, skin colour, age, social status, nationality and creed don’t matter. Loco One uses beautiful natural materials like bamboo and cotton paired with a very sensitive eye for details, I was so surprised to find out that his collection titled Revolution was his debut! I love the futuristic story this collection told and his dream is one I know I will be watching bloom season after season.

"Be fearless, dreams come true"


PHOTOGRAPHY: Shayne Gray, Brian de Rivera Simon, Shawn Goldberg,

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