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Laguna Canyon - California

Earlier this October I had the opportunity to travel down to Laguna Beach California for work. Let me tell you I was pretty excited to live my middle school throwback OC fantasy once I arrived, so I packed my bags and caught the first flight to LAX. 

Driving into Laguna Beach you have to go through this beautiful canyon with these cactus-filled cliffs on either side. Seeing the cliffs got me so excited I could not wait to drop my bags off at my beach house hotel and go hike the entire canyon.  

After dropping off my bags and a quick Wonder Woman change I hopped into Uber to make my way to the canyon. I just have to note that the conversation with my Uber driver was rather hilarious and that I had to share with all of you. When I got into the car he asked which friend had lied to me about going to a Halloween party. My response was along the line of "sir I don't quite know what you mean?" He proceeds to tell me that I looked like I was dressed up like a witch and I followed up with "sir I AM A WITCH". I think I scared him a little with my response because he let out quick "what do you mean?" and I just softly said "you will find out."  

Once arriving at the cayon I quickly regretted my all black fringe leather outfit choice. It was so hot in Laguna and I guess I was just defrosting from living in Canada. I hiked my way up Big Ben and all along the canyon basically until I reach a cliffside subdivision that lay between me and the pacific ocean. Along the way, I kept seeing some pretty cute lizards and on one cliff facing some giant turkey vultures which I have never seen so up close before. 

The following day I took my co-workers on a little adventure to see this 1900's tower, which locals call " The Pirate Tower" that was built on Victoria beach not too far from my hotel. It was pretty magical watching the waves surround this beautiful tower every time they came crashing in. Trying to get some shots in front of the tower was a little harder than I expected because of the waves, I totally got surprised by one and got a little too much sand down my denim haha. I have the say that the sunset that evening was one of the prettiest I have ever seen! 

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