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Hats Off!

Updated: Sep 30, 2018


When I look back on my life so far, I could certainly define years by the accessories that I would wear. I was all about my shoes in high school, matching my converse to my hoodie. In my late teens it was all about the big leather earrings, and then in my early 20’s I had bracelets up to my elbows. Well, if you haven't guessed already where I am at right now ….. IT'S ALL ABOUT HATS. Especially when they are hand made in Canada by Coup De Tete.


I like to call the designers behind the creations my Coup De Tete boys, but they also go by Jay Mitchell and Ryan Tavares. From the hand stitching to sometimes singeing with fire, they take every small detail into consideration in order to give your hat its very own personality.

I will never forget the first time I put a Coup De Tete hat on my head, I instantly felt so empowered and confident. Still to this very moment, it's hard for me to not wear one every day, I almost feel naked without it. My hats have seen me through many adventures and travels and have served as impromptu umbrellas and fashion moments.

My somewhat newly-found obsession with hats got me thinking about their history and how much I really know about them. I decided to put together some interesting facts I bet you didn't know about hats.

1.Can you believe up until the 1960s, hats were the most important article of clothing to indicate social distinctions among men.

2.The term “feather in his cap” actually comes from a practice in many cultures that a warrior would wear an amount of feathers in their headgear based on how many enemies they were able to kill. The phrase has changed a lot over the years and is typically a representation of one's personal success or accomplishment.


3. It was considered good manners that a man should only tip his hat to a woman. It would have been considered rude for a man to tip his hat to another man.

4.Did you know that we lose 20% of body heat from our head alone!

5. A ten gallon hat actually only holds ¾ gallons of water.

6. In the 17th century, men could only wear plumage on the left sides of their hats. This allowed them to have freedom of their sword arm without chopping off their feathers while in action. It also signified the person's heart or love being on the left side of their hat.


Which fact didn’t you know about? Comment below and share with me any fun facts you might know about hats.

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