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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Updated: Sep 29, 2018


I recently had the pleasure of returning to San Francisco for work, and you all know me - I can't resist the opportunity to explore, even on a work trip. Exploring a new city just fuels the gypsy soul so much, there is something very special about uncovering the unknown and seeing something magnificent for the very first time. On my last trip to SF, I did not have enough time to see the Golden Gate Bridge so I was super excited to have the chance this time.




I had seen many photos, but you really don't understand how large this suspension bridge is until you experience it in person. When you arrive, there is a small viewing area in front of the bridge where you can take some great photos but I would actually suggest going for a small hike just to the left of the bridge along the coast line. This little trail gives you such a beautiful view of the bridge and cliffs and will have a lot less people viewing the bridge around you. Another thing to take into account are the weather conditions on the day of your visit because the Pacific Ocean humidity and fog can be a huge problem and hide a lot of the bridge. I was lucky that I went during a cooler sunset as there was not much to disturb my view.




If you continue along the trail you will make your way to many other gorgeous views from the coastline. Be prepared, because the Pacific Ocean is one big Beyonce fan and it almost took my hat many times! Take some time along the way to enjoy the fresh blooms and wild blackberries and eventually you will make your way to the white sands of Baker Beach and all of its local critters in the surf.




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