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Getting Lost in Kamloops

Updated: Sep 29, 2018


I had been looking forward to my trip to British Columbia all summer and the first stop on my adventure was a city called Kamloops. Flying over Kamloops, it almost looks like the remains of a prehistoric lake with a beautiful river running through the center. I couldn't wait to explore all the amazing desert grasslands surrounded by the large hills on all sides.



In the fastest car I could rent, I made my way to a stunning grassland conservation area called Lac Du Bois. I climbed up so many hill tops getting a beautiful view of the river and farmland below. Amazed by the clusters of cacti, it was a beautiful afternoon getting creative with the local landscape.




During the last section of my adventure, I wanted to climb to the top of one of the largest hills and take in the setting sun. After I had already completed my descent, I realized that my cell phone was missing. I started to have a mild meltdown because I had driven so far into the grasslands and I really didn't remember how to get back to the city. I climbed all the way back to the top of the hill but still no luck finding my phone. I was about to lose all hope as I took my final steps back to the car when I looked down and there was my phone! I was so relieved and my tootsie will thank me for the work out i gave it today haha.




I hope I make it back again one day as there were many spots I would have loved to visit, but unfortunately I had less than 12 hours to explore this beautiful place! #Kamloops #BritishColombia

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