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Favourite Bedroom Finds

Moving into my new space honestly was an unexpected surprise! I was very stressed moving and really resisting the change I was about to experience but to my surprise creating my own space has been so much fun! I recently was away in San Francisco and the entire time I was there I missed my home. I can’t remember the last time I missed a space so much. My room is still very much a work in progress but I’m extremely happy with how it’s coming along. I have had a blast finding pieces that really speak to my aesthetic. Here are some of my favourite finds!


Casper Mattress


Moving was extremely stressful because I had to basically pack up and move my entire department store of a closet haha. It was just about time for me to get a new mattress as the one I previously owned was 10 years old. I did a lot of research on which one I wanted to purchase and Casper caught my eye because of the quality reviews, price point and delivery service! The mattress was delivered right to my door and installation was extremely easy. I also did not need to purchase a boxspring for the mattress which was a great savings for my bank account. Let me tell you though that this mattress has changed the way I sleep! It has the perfect balance of tempurpedic foam and support to keep me from tossing and turning at night! The pillows are also made of the same high quality tempurpedic material which provides extreme comfort during my sleep - machine washable too! Which saves a ton of time!

House Plants


The first thing I knew I had to purchase the moment I moved in was lots and LOTS of plants! I would finally have a room with tons of natural light and I just knew I wanted to create my own little forest. Having lots of plants around me can instantly help to relax me. I wanted a bunch of plant babies but I quickly learned how expensive they are!! I noticed how most boutique plant stores really mark up their plants. You can get many of the same species of plants at IKEA, Walmart and Home Depot for a quarter of the price. I also had so much fun picking out their pots and replanting them. This saved me so much money and was a fun little DIY project.


MBM Made By Madrigal


Once I got my abundance of plants I knew I needed to find a cute way to display them along my wall. I wanted to find unique shelving but was having a really hard time sourcing something that was high quality with some edge! After searching almost every interior design store along Dundas West I found this extremely cute store called MBM! The designer custom made me these beautiful shelves with industrial piping and I was able to customize the colour and size to fit my space perfectly! They were also an amazing price despite how customized I was with specific fittings. I can’t wait to order more pieces from this designer as he also specializes in dining room sets and so much more!!




Looking for furniture can be super daunting and the price tags can also be super intimidating as a first time furniture buyer. I have recently discovered HomeSense and their amazing variety of pieces respectfully priced. I have found so many cool, one of a kind items for my space. I also love that it kind of has the hunting vibes like a vintage store but everything is brand new! I would highly suggest checking them out for some trending pieces for your place! New items are constantly restocked so it’s a new experience each and every time you visit.

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