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Exploring Nova Scotia

Updated: Sep 30, 2018


When I reflect on my time growing up in Nova Scotia, I realize how little I actually explored its beauty as a young adult! Every time I fly home now to see my family, I have been trying to discover a new part of my home province. This trip, I went to see two of the biggest waterfalls we have in Nova Scotia: North River Falls which is in the Five Islands Area and Economy Falls.


With my Jeep Sahara packed with the crazy Sexton Family and my cousin Alex as our guide, we first made our way to the North River Falls which was a breathtaking drive along the coast in Colchester County. I would highly recommend this trip in the fall when all the leaves are changing color, I imagine it would be quite the abstract splash of colors across the valley drive.


When you arrive, it’s a quick hike back to North River falls and the trail is very well groomed! At the falls there is a great rope system to help you down to the base. The view is pretty spectacular and I was lucky that there had been a few days of rain prior so the falls were rushing with drama! As I climbed my way to the top of the huge rocks in front of the falls, I was shotgunned in the face by a powerful spray! It felt like when you use a setting spray too close to your face haha. I had to really shoot quick and hold onto my hat because the North River Falls basically soaked me when standing in front of it. Make sure you take some time to visit the top of the falls, the view is gorgeous and if you hike upriver there is a smaller falls and a great swimming pool for the summer ahead!

After spending a few hours exploring around North River Falls, we made our way back to the coast to a quaint little rock beach that overlooks the Five Islands.


A short drive heading back in the direction of Truro we stopped in a town called Economy to visit another waterfall. I was happy that I had I rented the Jeep because it nothing but bumpy, muddy puddles 7km back to the walking trail, I loved putting my foot on the gas and smashing through them! Halfway back, we came across some blueberry fields which didn’t look like they belonged on this planet. The earth was stained bright colors of blue, purple and orange- it almost looked like it would be radioactive!


In the 70’s, part of Economy Falls collapsed causing its shape to change, but this has now allowed for lots of great rocks to climb on to go upriver and get a beautiful view of the multiple-level falls!! Despite being a relatively easy walk down to the waterfall, the hundreds of stairs walking back up is sure to give you a full lower body workout. At the top of the bank, you can walk past the falls which will lead you to a trail to get you to the top. I highly suggest checking out the whirlpool that is created on the forest level of the falls, it’s so beautiful to watch! I hope to go back in warmer weather so I can go swimming and explore the other side of banks by the falls.




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