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Exploring More of the Bruce Peninsula

After Visting Owen Sound and the Bruce Peninsula last February I have been itching to head back up north and explore some more with warmer weather. On the first sunny weekend in June, my man and I loaded up my car and made our way to Owen Sound again to explore so some of what its surrounding beautiful nature has to offer. We visited three incredible spots during our trip that I would highly recommend checking out if you ever visit that area. 

Inglis Falls

Jacket: Hip & Bone - Boots:Ecco

Basically, I felt like I was in Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. This magical stop was roaring with the fresh flow of spring water. The hike to the bottom of the falls was rather easy and we really enjoyed climbing around the big boulders getting closer and closer to the falls. It was also the perfect time to go as there were hardly any bugs. As the golden hour approached, It was a beautiful spot to watch the sunset along the tree line at as we basked in its lasts rays at the base of the falls. 

Lions Head Provincial Park

Jacket: Xian Zone - Hat: Coup De Tete

Waking up early that Saturday morning we packed our things for a day of hiking, our first stop was Lions Head Provincial Park. We followed the trail for maybe 30 min into the forest until we reached the stunning cliffside of the park. As you make your way along the cliffs, you reach quite a few sections that give you an incredible view of the gorgeous aqua water below. It also was cute to watch the white sailboats make their way along the coastline, and keep your eyes out for brave rock climbers scaling down the cliffside. 

Overhanging Point

Wearing: Xian Zone

Backpack: Hunter - Shoes: Ecco

After getting recharged with some touristy lunch in Tobermory we set out to explore a trail within the Bruce Peninsula National Park to a lookout called the Overhanging Point. It was much quieter hiking compared to the Grotto trail which was packed with a ton of people. Before we set out on the trail though we enjoyed a crisp dip in the water which definitely wakes you up, but also felt super refreshing after a hot day of hiking. To get to the Overhanging Point you need to cross a very musical limestone beach which makes the most enchanting sound as you walk across it. Keep your eyes peeled for some cute little snakes basking in the sun along your way. As you follow the trail you might think to yourself: Did I pass the Overhanging point? Don't you worry when you reach it you will know because the view is incredible and scary!

Wearing: Xian Zone

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