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Exploring More of Algonquin

During the first week of October Pietro and I decided to pack our bags and head up north to Algonquin National Park. I previously hiked several of the trails during summer months and had always wanted to check out the park during the fall just as the leaves begin to change colours. With the travel restrictions in place from Covid I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to travel locally and explore new areas of the park!

High Falls

On our way up north to Algonquin we decided to make a quick stop just an hour before the park to visit High Falls. With heavy rainfall days prior the waterfall was extremely powerful and flowing. One of the great things I enjoyed at High Falls was the various access points to view the falls at different angles and levels. The surrounding forest and trails were also gorgeous and I highly recommend exploring it because you will find other smaller runoff waterfalls which also flow into the lake below.

The Outlook Trail

Algonquin Park was very packed by the time we arrived that afternoon. It felt like everyone in Ontario had come to visit that day – with the season change many tourists visit to catch the change in colour of the leaves. We over heard one of the tour guides explaining it happened fairly early this year due to weather conditions. The ‘Outlook Trail’ is fairly easy and just under a 2K hike to the gorgeous panoramic view of the forest that you take in from a cliff top. We happened to get there just before sunset and the overcast parted in the sky just in time for that ‘golden hour’ moment.

Track and Tower Trail

The following morning we set out on our longer 8K hike to an area that was once formerly a watch tower for forest fires in the park. The trail just glowed with various shades of yellow, orange and red as we winded through the forest passing rivers and small lakes. Just about half way into the trail you arrive at the base of the escarpment where you are met with several flights of wooden stairs. Making your way up to the top is a bit of a challenge but it is a great workout for your booty! haha. I would highly recommend a waterproof hiking boots for this trail as the majority of the hike is fairly wet and muddy. The view from the top of the cliff was breath taking. Sadly we didn’t get to stay too long at the top as it started to rain pretty heavily. Thanks to our Coup De Tete hats we stayed fairly dry – they are a perfect make-shift umbrella!

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