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Dunnottar Castle - Scotland

When planning my trip to Scotland I was most excited to walk through the various

castles I wanted to visit for the first time. I was extremely obsessed with Brave Heart

as a kid so going to visit the castle Willian Wallace once fought the English in

definitely made me geek out so hard!

Walking from the parking lot to the castle had my heart racing. The castle is located on a narrow piece of cliff that overlooks the ocean and it looked like the Mother of Dragons lived there at one point. It was so much more spectacular to see in person than any photograph could capture!

What I loved about this castle was that it was not over developed for tourists. It still

had all its original raw edge as you got to walk about and explore within it. I tend to

really dislike when they over develop the castle experience by adding sets of fake

people and props as it takes away from using your own imagination.

As the end of exploring came near, the most beautiful sunset appeared through the

overcast. The pastel hues splashed across the clouds and sky it was curated so

beautifully behind the castle and coastline. It was seriously one of the most special

and memorable moments from this trip for me!

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