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Chasing Waterfalls - Nova Scotia

Sweater by Scotch and Soda

Over the holidays I flew back home to my cozy little town in Nova Scotia. Big Momma Sexton was busy cooking up a storm as I finished up all my last minute wrapping. This year I totally wanted to begin a new Sexton family tradition and start chasing waterfalls.

The first falls we hiked to see was one from my childhood called Dawson Brooke Falls. Not too far from my family’s house, just about a 10 minute drive; I vaguely remember going to see this waterfall as a child. It was such a pleasure going back to take in the view now in my adulthood. Despite all the rain and warm weather we had I was totally shocked to see there were still many ice formations intact at the waterfall.

Sweater by Scotch and Soda

The final waterfall I went to discover on my trip was Harrington Falls in Five Islands. There were moments I had to find my inner Laura Croft to scale the icy cliff side to get to the bottom – it was definitely worth it. The view from the base of the falls was exceptionally spectacular and the power of the waterfall sent vibrations through my body. I would love to head back during summer months to take advantage of the water pools below!

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