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Centennial Ridges - Algonquin

Hat: Coup De Tete, Shorts: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Ecco

Just under three hours North of Toronto lives Algonquin National Park. I honestly was so excited to go up and finally see this beautiful place that I had only seen in photographs prior. Reed and I packed up the car and made our way to the beautiful Coon Lake, in Algonquin National Park. 


Sweater: Roots Boots & Backpack: Hunter


The drive was so beautiful on the way to our campsite, as deep forests, bogs, and boulders lined the roads. Every time we drove past a moose crossing sigh my heart would get a little more excited (I'm dying to see a moose in person). The campsite was perfect, nestled right into the forest beside the lake and we heard so many loons welcomed our arrival. 

Hat: Coup De Tete, Shorts: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Ecco



The following day we did a beautiful hike all around the cliff facing that overlooked multiple lakes within the area of our campsite. The trail was called Centennial Ridges Trail and the views it holds within it was worth the 4 hours it took to hike it. I would highly suggest doing this hike in the fall when the leaves change, the splash of colours on this landscape would be stunning. 

Hat: Coup De Tete, Shorts: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Ecco


I am so excited to go back up to Algonquin as there are so many places we could not see in just a weekend. Huge thank you to my man for making this trip so special! 

Hat: Coup De Tete, Shorts: Scotch & Soda


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