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Calico Basin - Nevada

When most people land in Las Vegas the first thing they do is head to the main strip and find themselves dazzled by all the lights of the casinos. Not for this fashion nomad. As soon as I landed I jumped into my rental and drove until I reached the Red Rock Canyon.

There are a variety of different trails you can hike at this canyon. I decided to do the first on the map which was called Calico Basin. The moment you begin the hike you quickly understand how it got its name. The cliff walls are completely covered with zig-zag patterns of red and tan rocks – I honestly have never seen anything like it in my life. Just about 10 minutes into the trail your eyes are quickly met with two vibrant red mountains that meet at the base. I could not believe how vivid the red colouring of the stones were, it blew my mind.

I hiked as long and far as the daylight allowed on this beautiful trail; my eyes wide with discovery of nature’s raw beauty. On my way back I stopped to take a few last photos and then to my surprise a snowflake hit me on my face. I thought it was very odd but I suppose it was a bit of foreshadowing as Las Vegas got a major snow storm at the end of that week.

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