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Butcher & Findlay Falls - Nova Scotia


This time of year you can always find me catching a flight home to visit family for the holidays. Keeping up with the new Sexton family tradition we scouted some new waterfalls in Nova Scotia for my family and me to discover. It honestly surprises me how many waterfalls Nova Scotia holds, I feel like they should win a record! Just after a beautiful snow fall we made our way to Shubenacadie to explore the area that houses two different waterfalls.


We made the trek to Findlay Falls first as it was an easy walk through the woods. I would highly recommend wearing rubber boots as you have to cross two shallow rivers in order to get to the falls. Once you arrive at the falls you have such a stunning view of the waterfall from across the small pool that collects at the base of it. I can totally see this being a great swimming spot in the summertime!


We finished our day hiking to Butcher Hill Falls which was maybe a short 5 minute walk from the side of the road we parked on. Butcher Hill Falls had several levels to it that would be very cool to explore if it was not covered in ice! My cousin Alex mentioned that you can access the falls from behind during the summer months if you swim across the pool that collects at the base. I really want to come back in the summer to see it! The falls really take on a new energy in the wintertime as the freeze over and turn into what looks like frozen castles


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