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Bruce Peninsula - Ontario

Jacket by Hiso, Hoodie by Mayer Man

With the music playlist set my best friend Krista and I set out on a road trip to the Bruce Peninsula for a post-holiday getaway. I always come across photos on Instagram of the famous aquamarine water but had yet to see it with my own eyes. I had no idea what was in store but the excitement hit the moment we left for this adventure we got to experience together.


Jacket by Hiso, Hoodie by Mayer Man


Sweater by Mayer Man


Upon reaching Indian Head Cove we both immediately gasped when we left the forest line and walked out to the water’s edge. The aqua blue water sparkled; like water you would find in a tropical location. I seriously could not believe my eyes. Thanks to most of the peninsula being made up of limestone this is what gives the water its aqua colour. There are numerous lookouts and grotto caves to explore all around the area that each has their own unique beautiful views. I hear this spot is extremely busy during the summer months and I can totally understand why as it is so magical to have this spot here in Ontario.

Shirt by Scotch & Soda

The final spot we check outs was Bruce’s Cave. It was a series of multiple different size caves that are safe to climb around and explore. There was a few that were difficult to explore during our visit do to the ice but the main one was pretty epic and awesome to see. A weekend is definitely not long enough to fully see the beauty of the area as there are so many places to explore. I look forward to heading back up to spend more time in other parts of the Bruce Peninsula.


Shirt by Scotch & Soda, Hat by Coup De Tete

Hiking- Onario-Bruce-Peninsula
Jacket by Hiso

Jacket by Hiso

A weekend was really not long enough for all the places you can see up within the Bruce Peninsula now I am so excited to go back up and spend more time in other parts of the area.


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