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Best Plant Pot Stores In Toronto

Plant Blog Post 


As you might notice I am not old enough to be a Zaddy, yet but in the last 10 months I have totally become a hard core #PlantDaddy. I have dreamed of having a space with lots of natural light to fill my space full of beautiful plants and since moving I got just that! In creating my plant family I have made a lot of mistakes and might have killed a few children along the way. One of the things though that bugged me the most about plant babies was the ugly pots they came in. It was totally killing my vibe. I like things to be aesthetically pleasing so I was on a mission to find cute pots to design my space with. I wanted to share with you the places I have found in Toronto that offer wonderful and different selections for all types of plant owners. 

Urban Gardener

Lucky for me, this place is just a few blocks from my home and they have floor to ceiling walls filled with a variety of different pots to fit the vibe of your space. I love the selection Urban Gardener curates if you're looking for more bohemian, earthy vibes! They also carry a wide range of sizes depending on the size of your plant baby.  Common House Studio 


If you are looking for something a bit more luxe and an artisanal quality, I am OBSESSED with the hand-painted creations by Common House Studio. Jen, the owner and artist, offers three different size pots for each of her creations too! Each Pot is hand painted and I love her designs so much. 


Dynasty Toronto


Last but not least: not only are they the most helpful plant store ever but they also have a really cool l selection of pots! All of them have beautiful clean lines and drainage trays that blend with the pot instead of sticking out. Dynasty also carry lots of other pot designers within their store. For a first-time plant owner on a budget I would highly suggest getting some of their in-house pots that come with their own drainage dishes/lids.


As a tip I learned, I would also not invest in pots from more mass-market stores. The quality is terrible and the pots always end up breaking if you bump them too hard! 


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