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Being Surrounded By 2000 Butterflies

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

For quite some time now, I have been wanting to go visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory and I was so happy that my wish came true this past weekend. It was absolutely amazing to walk through a tropical paradise surrounded by at least 2000 varieties of butterflies and moths. The Conservatory is a quick 45 minute drive from Toronto (with light traffic) so makes a perfect afternoon outing.

It was such a fun experience exploring this quaint indoor jungle and being tickled by the wings of so many exotic species of butterflies. I could not believe my eyes as the colourful insects seem to almost interact with you as you stroll though the beautiful tropical ecosystem. If you don't move too quickly, they might even land on you for a quick selfie.

You also can observe an area where chrysalises are on display, just waiting to open at any given moment revealing a beautiful baby butterfly. The lovely staff also explained that a butterfly can take a few hours to dry off after it hatches and then has to teach itself to fly before taking off for the first time.

As you continue to explore, you will also discover some mother quails nesting and a variety of tropical birds flying about this gorgeous jungle. I would highly recommend going here as a wonderful day trip that you could spend a few hours exploring. My only suggestion is to try going during the week to maybe beat a little bit of traffic as it can get quite full very quickly inside.

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