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Alamere Falls - California

Let me tell you that I have been tried to hike to this waterfall three times. Every time I try the weather has bested me and I could not make it to the falls because it was too dangerous. I was soo happy this past trip to California that the water was sun sun and a chance of sun the entire trip.

Just driving the conservation area is a breathtaking drive. First you drive along the coast and then through the redwood forests and then back on the coast again! I read online that the hike was 14 miles in instead of 14 miles total, so I arrived at 9am in the morning thinking it would take me 4 hours to get into the falls. To my surprise I only took me 1.5 hours to hike to the waterfall so the tide was super in when I arrived.

I had a bunch of time to kill so I basked in the sun as other hikes thought I was crazy being in my speedo. It was 16 degrees and they where wearing coats meanwhile I was dying of heat after coming from the deep freeze we call Canada. The waterfall is quite rare because the river run directly into the ocean at high tide. At low tide you can access the waterfall on the beach which is super refreshing if the ocean is too cold for you. I was very surprised how busy this location was, it was super difficult to photograph the waterfall without any people getting into my frame.

You can also walk for miles down the beach it just keeps going and going. I found so many beautiful polished pieces of quarts too while I was exploring the beach. This hike was one of the best Ive done in California and would highly recommend anyone visiting San Francisco to make the effort to go see it.

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