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75 Acres of Sunshine

Updated: Sep 29, 2018


Can you imagine what 75 acres of sunflowers would look like? Let me tell you, seeing it with my own eyes was like nothing I have ever witnessed before. Shades of yellow and green dancing in the wind until they meet the horizon is the best way I can describe it. I have been waiting in anticipation all summer, checking Bogle Seeds' website for the announcement that their farm is open. The Farm is only open for a very short two week period to view their beautiful sunflower crop. On Friday morning, I woke up from a sleepy daze and BAM! finally an update on their website announced that they were open for viewing.




It was been just over two years since the farm has been open to the public due to bad weather conditions in the past years. The Bogle website tells you to arrive early and I am glad that we did last Saturday morning. We pulled in around 11:00am and the parking lot was almost completely full. There is a small entry fee of $7.50 per person and parking is free. The main area of the farm was buzzing with selfie sticks and beautiful sun dresses. What I loved most was that you can totally explore the 75 acre farm and find a quiet corner to shoot in outside of the busy main area.



After our morning shooting in the fields of sunshine, we went for lunch in the quaint lake view town of Burlington. I had a craving for some pizza, so we decided to check out a place called Son Of A Peach Pizzeria. The cheeky name was a perfect match to the vibrantly decorated interior and its selection of classic and unique pizza creations. I ordered the spicy salami & wild honey pizza (complete with pollen) and hands down it was the best pizza I have EVER eaten in my entire life. The flavour combinations paired with a crunchy yet soft thin crust pizza make me wish that I had ordered another one to go as I am getting hungry again just writing about it.


To finish off the adventure, we crammed a sweet treat at La Creme de La Creme soft serve ice cream parlour. You can choose from 18 different Belgium chocolate flavours to create a sweet treat from your dreams. I ordered the white chocolate cotton candy flavour.


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