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10 Things You Would Not Know About Scotland.

Stirling Castle - Wearing Nuit Clothing Atelier

1. In .5 miles take the roundabout to the third exit.

Driving on the other side of the road was quite challenging enough for this

Canadian – now imagine the inclusion of roundabouts every 5-10 minutes

while driving on the left side of the road! I don’t know how I survived with the

terrible directions my lovely friends gave me.

Stirling Castle

2. Wee, Wee, would you like some tea?

Tea had a whole new meaning in Scotland because it is used to reference

dinner time. On top of the Scots throwing you that curveball they also love to

call everything wee. ‘Would you like a wee cup of tea?’ … oh shit are they

referencing dinner or actual tea? FML!

Stirling Castle

3. Redheads are as rare as seeing unicorns!

Let me tell you I went to Scotland with my full Outlander fantasy in mind! I

imagined getting of the plane and Jamie with his red hair glistening in the

sunlight waiting to receive me at the airport in his kilt. Well let me tell you I

saw only three redheads my entire trip – and two of them were women!


Stirling Castle

4. Beyoncé Fan

I really pride myself on looking cute when I leave the house in the morning

but I honestly don’t know why I even bothered wearing my hair down in

Scotland. As soon as I left the house I was hit so hard with winds that make it

difficult to walk forward and my eyes immediately watered so much it left

streaks in my foundation. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic but it was always

fucking windy in Scotland and my hair was all over my face 99% of the time!

I don't know how Beyonce does it.

Loch Ness - Can you see Nessie ?

5. Are summer shorts in winter the new kilt?

As you probably could have already guessed I have a total #kiltfetish – was

great to see some various men wear them in Scotland! What actually took me

by surprise was the amount of men who wore shorts in the wintertime.

Scotland is definitely not a warm tropical paradise – it’s a pinch about freezing

at best! There were plenty of men out showing off their neon white legs acting

like they owned the place! Meanwhile there I was freezing my imaginary tits


Loch Ness Castle

6. Where is the light switch?

Despite being in Scotland for two weeks I could NEVER find the light switch

to the washrooms. I would constantly walk into dark rooms and would be like

a naked mole rat feeling around the walls for the switch only to remember in

Scotland the switch is located outside of the door! lol

Loch Ness Castle - Wear Nuit Clothing Atelier Scarf and Pin

7. Hi YA

Probably one of the cutest surprises when you walk into a shop or restaurant

and get greeted with the warmest ‘hi ya’ which is their way of saying ‘Hello,

how are you?’ 

Loch Ness Castle

8. Eggs on the shelf.

It is a topic that I feel I remember reading in a Buzzfeed article that you do not

need to keep eggs in the fridge – but when you see an entire end cap of an

aisle totally of eggs not refrigerated it really throws off your North American

brain for a minute.

St Andrew's Cathedral

9. Put it in a pie

When you think of Scotland’s signature dish many of us would quickly think

haggis! But I quickly noticed how common it was for them to find ways of

making many forms of savory pies! It was on many menus offered at various

restaurants – even the local Starbucks sells meat pies haha.

St Andrew's Cathedral

10. I could not believe how small it was!

Get your mind out of the gutter, I was talking about their roads! The roads are

so tiny I was so afraid that I was going to smash my side mirrors on every

passing car. You also cannot move over to the sides of the road as the left

side does not have a shoulder just a very deep ditch!

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